EdgarRock Publishing
"Professional Services for New Authors Desiring to Self-Publish"

As a new author about to embark on publishing a book, you probably realize there are many companies out there willing to serve your self-publishing needs. We are one of them, but as odd as it may seem, we encourage you to scope out other companies to see exactly what they offer and what services they provide. You will then be better prepared to decide whether to employ EdgarRock Publishing.

One of the services many companies offer is professional editing of your manuscript, which they often farm-out to "whoever." We recommend, however, that it is best for you to fine tune your manuscript to your satisfaction and then have it professionally edited by a local professional that you can collaborate with, trust, and have confidence in. You can then turn your manuscript over to us, and we will proceed from there with the following specialized services:

Book Interior Design
We take the digital file of your final manuscript, which you produced with your word processing program, and import it into a professional page layout program called Adobe InDesign. We then format the interior of your book in a style we feel is appropriate. We will, however, provide a proof of your first chapter, and then a proof of the completed interior. Each will require your signed approval. The interior will be formatted in black and white, including any photos, which will need to be sent to us in a separate file. Also, any indexing necessary for your book must be produced by you and also sent to us in a separate file after the above approvals. An invoice will then be sent for services provided after final approval of interior design.