EdgarRock Publishing
"Professional Services for New Authors Desiring to Self-Publish"
About Us
  • We are a small independent company located in Washington State that provides services for new authors (or previous clients) who have completed their manuscript and desire to "self-publish" their book under the imprint of EdgarRock Publishing.

  • We are particularly interested in high-impact non-fiction writings that deal with extraordinary courage, bravery, valor, and heroism of American patriots who were previously involved in harrowing situations. The writing must be set within a historical context, and also provide a riveting account that leaves a lasting impression. It need not relate to military personnel, but can involve patriots from all walks of American life.

  • We are selective in what we publish under our imprint in order to accommodate our branding, but we operate in a warm friendly atmosphere that serves our customers in the best way possible. We understand there are many publishing companies available that provide comprehensive services to a customer, but we believe that we provide specialized services on a more personal basis, at less cost, and under an imprint that best serves our authors to particular advantage.